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King Design is an innovative multi-disciplinary design consultancy. With 25 years experience in the business of design & production. Serving clients in the UK, Canada & the United States. Covering: Product design & development, Graphic design, Retail design, Point of sale design, Interior design, Exhibition/Trade show design.


A good designer is a people watcher. King Design pay attention to real user needs that are the key subtle features differentiating your product from another in the marketplace. King Design are highly trained, experienced and skillful in the art & science of Industrial design. Sensitively developing products that are not complicated to use but are comfortable & user-friendly that are beautiful in the eye of the beholder - our client's customers,


We develop products from the seed of an idea through to production,  optimizing a product's appearance, function & value to the mutual benefit of user & producer. Our goal is to increase a product's competitive edge through good design.


The successful development of brand new products and more importantly their sales success often hinges around a short window of opportunity when customers are shopping. Good aesthetic design is the first impression a product will make on a potential customer's senses and it’s an element most discerning customers rank highly, fail this basic customer test and they will often bypass further investigation of your product for the competitions no matter how well yours functions, feels or costs


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